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How to: special effects Make-up

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how I created the special-make up for the movie; Dodong Guapo (1991 -Seiko Films , Manila Philippines)

Preparation for make-up


STEP 1 and 2. Preparation .(above picture) We cover the hair with bald cap before we cast the actors face. All hair should have separators so casting materials wont stick on it. Casting . (right picture) We mix the Alginate and cover his face leaving the air passage on his nose open, and laid abaca fiber for the alginate to hold on to the backing mold which is not shown here.

Casting with alginate

Inner Mold

STEP 3. Inner mold. After the face casting we remove the dried alginate from his face and pour yellow plaster on it.

Inner mold


STEP 4. Sculpting. I sculpt the shape of the make-up with clay on top of the inner mold

Sculpting over a cast face

Finish Sculpting

STEP 5. Finish sculpture. This is the textured and blended sculpture of Dodong Guapo.

Sculpting finish

Mold making

STEP 6. Mold. After the sculpture I brushed separator wax on the inner mold so the two plaster will not join when I pour the yellow plaster which will be the outer mold, when this is dried we open it ,clean it and pour the foam inside and bake it for 2 -3 hours in an oven

mold making


STEP 7. Foam . Foam should have thin edges to blend well with the actors skin.


Appliance application and coloring

STEP 8. Make-up. We stick and Blend the foam to the actors skin and apply the make-up on top. I make all of this at home, using my mom's oven.

foam latex


Dodong Guapo

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