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hulo art group
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Hulo art group composed of Filipino visual artists.

Filipino artist group (1985-present)

In 1985 Hulo group was formed. They are like minded individuals from PWU, who have raised the questions on Filipino identity through the visual arts. What characterized their work was the concerned effort towards establishing a link with the country's history : from the colonial years all the way back to our ethnic roots.

This is a starting point of breaking out from the normal in which each excel in terms of Concept, Techniques and Materials. Veering away from the "conventional" Western ways of painting, the group always addresses the questions of having a progressive and rich cultural identity .Using such diverse materials such as paper pulp, found objects, plasters, resin fiber glass and wood; it has managed to create a medium through which to express its artistry.

Until now most of the members have gone to live in different places and path, the bond that linked them before is so strong , the quest for for the Filipino identity in their artwork has not diminished.

hulo group


Joel Alonday

Jose Maria Cabangis

Alex Cabrera

Justo Cascante III

Noel Soler Cuizon

Zeus Inocencio

Raymon Maliwat

Ceasar Peña

Dindo Peralta


- Kabanata 1 (Chapter 1) Hulo Group show at City Gallery, Luneta Park, Manila (1987)

- Hulo Group Show Hiraya Gallery (1989)

- Puna at Pananaw (Views and Visions) A multi-media collective show by the Hulo artists' group, featuring eight members Hiraya Gallery, Manila (September 20 - October 2, 1997)

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