These are some of my favorites

Credits for artist collaborators name are listed if they work on the shot
vampire thumbnail My Date with a Vampire Part 3 - A tv project with my team. See some of our work.
mrjuicy thumbnail Mr Juicy TVC June 2004. Work under Banana Designs .Modelling , Texture and Character animation . Directed by Ellis Lee.Quicktime 7.mb

left and right thumbnail

Turn Left turn Right . 3d buildings ,3d Cars, and Particle System Rain Kenny Chan work with me on this shot. Quicktime 23.7mb

i love your bed thumbnail Bullet time effects . Quicktime 2.4 mb
I love your bed thumbnail 2

Bullet time effects . Quicktime 1.9 mb

digital crowd test thumbnail Digital Crowd Test
chiseen thumbnail A show opening logo , collaboration work with Fanny Wai . Quicktime 581kb
3d sea Black Mask2, opening shots for the movie . Click for more info.
cg effects thumbnail Gory ghost movie. Divx format
face turn to particle effects Zu2 , a feature film, exploding face effects in Maya 3 and After Effects. Quicktime, Divx.
grenade time lapse effect Time and Tide , feature film , time track effect in Maya 3 and After Effects. Divx format.
movie effects Time and Tide , Camera track inside an exploding room ,2000. Divx format.
bullet time effects Time and Tide , Camera track into a gun ,2000. Divx format.
Morphing effects thumbnail Black Mask2 , feature film , Morphing Arms. Divx format.
chinastar 3d logo thumbnail Chinastar logo. Divx format
zu2 effects thumbnail Zu2 , a feature film cloud scenes. Divx format
eye effect thumbnail Time and tide , featurefilm, eye gets red, 2000. Divx format.
help animation thumbnail Personal animation ,1998. Divx format.
crimson animation thumbnail Crimson Soldier, 1997 , feature animation. Divx format.
fws logo thumbnail Filmworkshop logo. Divx format
sea animation thumbnail Ocean dive for an mtv .March 2002
milkyway opening thumbnail A shot in Milkyway promotional video
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thumbnail index cover for 2002
3d troll thumbnail unfinish troll model
troll cg thumbnail Finished troll
For some of my 2d animation work visit Like5.co
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